Gassendi 18.1.2019 20.54
Gassendi is a lava filled crater at the northern edge of Mare Humorum. Its floor is criss-crossed with a rille system named the Rimae Gassendi.
Vallis Schröteri 18.1.2019 21.10
The largest sinuous rille on the Moon.
Sinus Iridum 18.1.2019 21.28
Sinus Iridum is a basalt filled ancient crater 236 km wide.
Gassendi 18.1.2019 21.37
Gassendi 40 minutes later.
Mare Humorum 18.1.2019 22.13
The Sea of Moisture is 389 km across. Link to a bigger picture..
Mons Rümker 18.1.2019 22.14
A volcanic dome system.
Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus, Arzachel 12.2.2019 18.43
A chain of three craters. Link to a full size image.
Montes Apenninus 12.2.2019 18.52
The mountain range that forms the southeastern border of the large Mare Imbrium. Link to a full size image.
Moon 12.2.2019 19.13
A single jpg-image taken with Samsung cell phone through the eyepiece. Link to afull size image.
Vallis Schröteri 17.2.2019 20.00
Aristarchus (40km) and Vallis Schröteri.
Mons Rümker 17.2.2019 20.06
An interesting big (70km) volcanic structure.
Vallis Schröteri, Mons Rümker 17.2.2019 20.20
A composite showing a big stretch of the surface. Link to a full size image
Schiller 17.2.2019 20.32
Elongated crater Schiller.
Moon 17.2.2019 20.45
Another picture taken with Samsung Galaxy J5.
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