6.1.2015 1.32 LT
The first image of the season, nothing much to see.
12.2.2015 21.18 LT
The first image of a long session, GRS is turning into view.
12.2.2015 22.19 LT
GRS, oval BA and a few white ovals in view.
12.2.2015 22.21 LT
Propably the best weather of the season, still maybe only 3/5. GRS and BA both visible in this picture.
12.2.2015 23.14 LT
GRS and smaller white oval storms.
12.2.2015 23.38 LT
Clouds started to worsen the seeing towards the end of imaging, but still some reasonable details were seen.
12.2.2015 23.55 LT
Last image before clouds completely covered skies.
12.2.2015 map
WinJupos map made from 12.2.15 observations.
14.2.2015 22.13 LT
Oval BA and "Mickey mouse"- storm at the same spot.
15.2.2015 0.18 LT
One of the best weathers in 2015 that lasted about 15 minutes. This is a classic Jupiter with GRS in the middle. Red junior, Oval BA, also seen on the edge of disc.
15.2.2015 0.43 LT
The seeing got worse rapidly, but still some ok details can be seen.
11.3.2015 22.20 LT
Some nice color variations in the storm patterns.
12.3.2015 20.16 LT
One day later the view is much the same.
15.3.2015 20.33 LT
The smaller red storm with 6 white ovals below. Link to similar images by other observers.
16.3.2015 20.09 LT
Only image of the session showing the classic GRS side of Jupiter.
18.3.2015 21.33 LT
GRS with strange looking clouds following. A dark spot within GRS is also seen.
21.3.2015 21.35 LT
One of the better seeings but managed only to get a small scope thermally ready. Lots of turbulence is seen in this image.
2.4.2015 23.15 LT
Strong curly storm patterns and some white ovals are seen in this image.
13.4.2015 23.31 LT
Transit of Io, the moon is on the left, GRS in the middle and the shadow of Io following.
15.4.2015 21.42 LT
The smaller red spot of Jupiter with some white ovals. Here is what other observers saw as a comparison: link.
21.4.2015 20.52 LT
Io and Ganymede with Jupiter.
3.5.2015 20.23 LT
Transit of Europa ongoing.
3.5.2015 20.31 LT
A little wider view 8 minutes later.
9.5.2015 20.13 LT
Jupiter chasing Ganymed.
9.5.2015 20.16 LT
Stormy Jupiter and Ganymed.
28.10.2015 7.51 LT
The first sighting of GRS this autumn.
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