21.1.2014 21.53 LT
Io and Ganymed chasing each other.
22.1.2014 20.52 LT
GRS is staring the approaching Io.
22.1.2014 21.47 LT
A transit of Io, the moon is very bright next to darker rim of Jupiter.
22.1.2014 21.51 LT
Great red spot and Io four minutes later. Lots of smaller storms, white ovals and darker ones, are visible.
23.1.2014 20.46 LT
Group of white ovals in a line travelling.
29.1.2014 22.24 LT
The Great Red Spot is starting its transit with Io on the left side also approaching transit forty minutes later.
29.1.2014 23.03 LT
Io is getting closer to the rim of Jupiter.
29.1.2014 23.49 LT
The best image of the 29.1 session. Transit of Io and GRS.
29.1.2014 23.54 LT
A transit of Io is on the way with the shadow of the moon following.
30.1.2014 00.03 LT
The last image of the night. Ran out of power and the telescope was also almost frozen solid.
30.1.2014 20.33 LT
GRS and close to the edge Io.
17.2.2014 23.38 LT
The first image of the night, 20 minutes before the best moment of seeing.
17.2.2014 23.54 LT
Lots of detail is seen in this image taken with my old 8 inch SCT.
17.2.2014 23.59 LT
A view five minutes later.
18.2.2014 19.51 LT
First image of the cloudy session of 18.2.
18.2.2014 19.54 LT
Stormy weather around GRS.
18.2.2014 20.38 LT
Imaged through a brief gap in the clouds.
18.2.2014 20.51 LT
The "mickey mouse" -storm chasing GRS.
25.2.2014 22.55 LT
Some nice white ovals and Red Jr are seen in this image.
25.2.2014 23.26 LT
The seeing was getting worse 30 minutes later.
16.3.2014 21.43 LT
Transit of Ganymede, the moon is shown as a dark patch in front of the GRS. Io is also seen.
18.3.2014 20.42 LT
Io and the shadow of Io following on the surface of Jupiter. A chain of small white ovals also spotted.
18.3.2014 21.20 LT
40 minutes later the transit of the shadow is over.
18.3.2014 21.27 LT
Last image of the session in a slightly better seeing than the previous pictures .
24.3.2014 19.14 LT
Europa and its shadow eclipsing the GRS.
26.3.2014 19.36 LT
The "Mickey mouse"-storm has caught up the GRS.
29.3.2014 21.19 LT
Europa and the stormy "backside" of Jupiter.
31.3.2014 20.55 LT
Transit of Europa and its shadow.
3.4.2014 21.08 LT
Ganymede is coming out of the shadows. Io is on the opposite side
4.4.2014 20.24 LT
White oval storms racing in lower part of Jupiter.
9.4.2014 21.47 LT
GRS and above it the "Mickey Mouse -storm".
14.4.2014 20.48 LT
Two moons with Jupiter, Europa on the left and Ganymede on the right.
21.4.2014 21.18 LT
Ganymede and its huge shadow close to GRS.
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