3.8.2011 5.18 LT
The other big red spot of Jupiter, Oval BA. As a comparison, a link to an other amateurs image. Link.
4.8.2011 5.25 LT
GRS and lots of turbulence in the cloud systems.
14.8.2011 5.10 LT
Ganymede and Io close to the planets edge. Some detail can be seen on the moons. Here is what other people captured the same night. Link.
9.9.2011 1.28-4.16 LT
GRS is coming into view and the shadow of Europa is moving across the surface.
1.10.2011 23.59 LT
The first image of a long session covering most of Jupiters clouds.
2.10.2011 0.03 LT
Lots of different types of storms race with GRS.
2.10.2011 0.50 LT
GRS is making its exit 47 minutes later.
2.10.2011 2.49 LT

The other side of jupiter later same night showing Oval BA "Red Junior" turning into view.

2.10.2011 3.18 LT

Oval BA is here seen clearly as a reddish spot in the lower right part of the disk.

15.10.2011 1.23 LT

Some interesting round structures are seen in this image

25.10.2011 22.56 LT

GRS is turning into view.

25.10.2011 23.28 LT

Composite of Jupiter and Ganymede with some surface features. Here is a link to other obsevers images from the same day.

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