23.4.2006 1.35 LT
The GRS is shown in the middle of the disc. One of the big moons, Io, is also near.
22.5.2006 0.40 LT
GRS and oval BA are next to each other, Ganymede is also visible.
5.6.2006 0.06 LT
A relatively ok picture from bright skies and low altitude (15 deg.).
7.6.2006 23.42 LT
Europa and Io with Jupiter. GRS is very large in 2006 compared to 10 years later.
11.6.2006 23.36 LT
The opposite side of Jupiter to the 12.6 image. This picture was taken when the planet was only 15 degrees high in the sky.
12.6.2006 23.25 LT
The best image of the season taken from very bright skies. GRS and Europa in view.
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